End Table Make Over (part 1)

Ever on the hunt for some cheap furniture to make over, I scored these end tables on craigslist for only $5... FOR THE PAIR! I figured, at that price, even with some chipped veneer, they were worth investing a little elbow grease. Full confession: they have been sitting in my garage for months and I am just now pulling them out. Here are the first few steps of their transformation...

The before pictures: see those dovetail drawers and Lane stamp!? These are the real deal!

The first step was to  take the bases and backs off. The base had some water damage and the back was in okay condition, but as soon as I saw these I knew I really wanted an open cube look.

Next up was using some wood filler to fix the chipped laminate. This is the first time I've attempted this and so far I'm really pleased with the result. (Yes, that's a butter knife I'm using as a putty knife... We're classy like that around here!)

Sanding, painting, and new legs are up next... stay tuned!