Color Crush: Navy, Cobalt, and other Blues

It is no secret that I have a thing for the color blue. It seems to be taking over my closet and my Pinterest feed is saturated in it. Certain hues of blue seem to carry a truly timeless quality that can bridge many styles and work in lot's of different contexts and environments. But what makes a particular shade a classic? The key is to go for deep, rich hues or light, airy ones. Avoid those muddy middle tones that look like they belong in a living room from the early 90's. Here's a quick roundup of blue playing its A-game!

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So not only is the front door a knock-out, look at that soft coastal blue of the siding peeking out on the left hand side of the picture! This what front door dreams are made of.

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The blue velvet cushions are a touch of elegance in a simple room and the way light plays off velvet... alllll the heart eyes!

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Blue, blush pink, red, black and white--this all comes together beautifully because the rug is the only strong pattern and it pulls colors from different elements. 

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A navy so deep it's almost black contrasted with crisp white subway tile and upper cabinets is a win any day!

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I could do my laundry all day in this laundry room! Heck, I could do OTHER people's laundry all day if I got to do it here. Seriously though--light, fresh, clean--perfect

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Did your mom ever tell you not to wear blue and black together? I'm sure she meant well, but it's time to break that rule! This glossy black dresser against this multi-blue wallpaper is both classic and fresh. 

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Mix some blue patterns with blue solids, add a bit of rustic wood and shiplap and you have a guest room your friends will fighting each other to visit. 

Holiday Box | Curated Holiday Decor Delivered to Your Door

I know that we still have a few weeks of summer left, and I promise we won't skip over cozy fall decor posts, but can you believe that there are less than 18 weeks until Christmas!? It's true! Which is why it's not too soon to start thinking about holiday decorations and home decor. Or rather, let us think about it for you!

We are so excited to announce our new Holiday Box design service!

Holiday Box

What It Is

Completely customized to match your style, home, and entertaining needs, each box contains a collection of holiday decor items and styling instruction cards. Boxes are comprised of both new and vintage* items and are specific to a particular room in your home. 

Current Holiday Box options are:

  • Entryway
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Guest Room
  • Tree Trimmings (tree not included)

*If you prefer not to have vintage items included in your box, simply select that option on the holiday style questionnaire

How It Works

  • Purchase your Holiday Box
  • Complete a brief holiday style questionnaire
  • Sit back and relax while we hand-select decor specifically for your home
  • Receive a collection of holiday items delivered to your doorstep


  • $350/room
  • +$35 shipping fee (one time fee regardless of how many rooms are purchased)

Because of the time required to source the perfect items for each box, the number of Holiday Boxes available is limited to ten and boxes will not be available for purchase after October 1st.

Purchase your Holiday Box today let us help you enjoy a beautifully decorated home this holiday season! 


When Will I Receive My Holiday Box?

Holiday Boxes will ship on November 28th so can enjoy your holiday decor all season long. 

What If I Don't Celebrate Christmas?

You may choose which winter holiday you would like your box directed toward, or simply choose "Winter" for non-holiday specific items that you can leave up for as many wintry months as you like.

Do I Get To Choose What Goes In My Holiday Box?

No, we don't want you to have to worry about a thing! And we're confident that with the answers you provide on the Holiday Style Questionnaire along with the photos you send us of the room to be decorated, we will curate a look you'll love. 

All The Vintage Ladies | A Round Up of Vintage Art

I'm loving the trend of incorporating vintage portraits of all kinds into home decor! Different styles of art fit with different interiors, making this a look nearly any home can pull off. I promise it's not weird to have pictures of people you don't know adorning your walls, but if you're not sure, go with something a bit  more abstract and styled. 

Formal, striking, and oversized, this large painting makes a serious statement in this bedroom. It's also interesting to note how many styles are blended together here. A bit rustic, a touch bohemian, the modern abstract art, and the formal portrait... even the orchid and metal dog sculpture speak to different design families. Yet it all comes together, in part, due to the subtly reinforcing color across different elements.

Think a bathroom isn't the place to highlight fun art? Think again! This portrait adds instant charm (even if the tone is quite serious) and personality to a simple bathroom.

A different era and art style entirely, I love the color and scale of this painting! The tall ceilings keep it from overwhelming the space and the colorful accents provide a sense of synergy between the art and the rest of the room.


Round Up of Vintage Art

Here are few of my current favorite picks from various sources. Styles and price points vary. Click each image to be taken directly to the source where it is available for purchase. 

Bohemian Living Room Refresh

When Shauna sent me a note saying she needed help refreshing her living room, and that she loved the vintage bohemian vibe, I was super pumped for this project! She already had several pieces, both furniture and art, that she wanted to continue using, but was looking to freshen up the space and incorporate some pink. 

Inspirational Images

Before Pictures and the "Keep List"

From these "before" pictures, she wanted or needed to keep the following: 

  • Sofa
  • Coffee Table
  • Beige Chair and Ottoman
  • Art over Sofa
  • Black and White Syracuse Street Name Art
  • Blue and White Cabinet (open to painting)
  • Starburst Mirror
  • Vintage Rug (not shown in pictures)

The client also had a pink heart print she wanted to use and requested a silhouette of her puppy, Abe, be incorporated.  

Achieving Bohemian Style 

When trying to achieve an eclectic, bohemian feel the key is to layer things in a way that feels collected and accumulated but not cluttered. To accomplish this, quality and authenticity are incredibly important! While rattan and kilim patterns are en vogue right now, choosing vintage items rather than reproductions helps to establish a rich, storied environment. A few original paintings balance the pop art and adding plants is a must for any bohemian inspired room. 

When searching for vintage furniture, art, and accessories, Craigslist, Etsy, Chairish, and 1st Dibs are all great places to start.

The mood board we sent the client shows new and "new vintage" items mixed with the furniture and art from their "keep list". Rearranging, painting furniture, and some new textiles can go a long way in updating a room!

I can't wait to share pictures of the finished room once it all comes together, but for now, here are some links to shop this look for your own home!

Shop the Look

Styling Secrets and Quick Tips: Wall Decals for Nurseries, Kid's Rooms, & Playrooms

Wall decals are tricky, tricky things and it is so easy for these to go real bad, real fast. BUT, they can also be really fun, budget-friendly ways to add personality and character to a room. Here's a quick roundup of six of our favorite wall decals and adhesive murals from Etsy.

Black Triangle Wall Decals

These would look awesome in a modern, minimalist, Scandinavian inspired room.  Great for a nursery or kid's room and they come in a variety of colors. The surest bet would be to use them on a single accent wall from floor to ceiling. 

Ballroom Wall Mural Decal

Classy and fun, this soft black and white mural is the perfect backdrop to hours of pretend play. This would be best suited for a full wall mural, but could also be used at a smaller scale to highlight a particular play area. 

A Rooftop View Wall Mural Decal

The black lines on a white background create the feeling of a life-size coloring book. For a crisp look, use on a single wall and paint surrounding walls so the details don't become overwhelming. Best for a playroom or older child's room (age 8+).

Colorful CityScape 

If your preschooler loves building blocks, trains, and cars this decal of a bright city skyline might be just right in their playroom or bedroom. Pair with this road motif rug and light colored walls ( try white or very light blue). This color combination would look great with light natural wood tones or a bright colored furniture.  

World Map Wall Mural

This world map mural would be more appropriate in a playroom than a bedroom, but with subdued colors it could even work in shared space such a finished basement or tv room.  Go all in on the map theme and accent with a collection of vintage globes displayed together on a bookshelf or mantle. 

Airplane Wall Decals

These airplane decals are incredibly age-versatile and work nicely with neutral or americana color palates. Keep the planes generally clustered together rather than placing one on each wall of the room and mix in some non-airplane related decor to keep things fresh.