Mood Board Monday: Master Bedroom Design

There is a blogger/diy/decor challenge coming up soon and I am going to be participating. I can't wait to share that project with you, but for now I wanted to share a project that didn't make the cut. Before you ask, "why are you showing us a design you decided not to do?" let me fill you in! 

Mostly it comes down to budget. And the fact that our master bedroom doesn't really need fancy makeover right now. But I love the design so much I thought it would be fun to show it to you and give you all the sources in case you want to implement some of it yourself!  

Master Bedroom | Coastal | Mid Century | Floral Wallpaper

Floral Wallpaper | Wall Color | Upholstered Bed | Sconces | Nightstands | Area Rug | Artwork (L) | Artwork (R) | Striped Accent Pillows | Botanical Accent Pillows | Curtains | Chair | Throw Blanket

While working out the design for this room, I contemplated going for a more Traditional Modern vibe. Honestly, I'm still a little torn about which look I love more. Both have some really fun personality. In the end I chose the top design because if felt more soothing--and that is exactly the word I want to describe my master bedroom! 

What are your thoughts--first look or second?

Master Bedroom | Traditional Modern | Glam Master Bedroom | Floral Wallpaper

Floral Wallpaper | Wall Color | Upholstered Bed | Sconces | Nightstands | Area Rug | Artwork (L) | Artwork (R) | Geometric Accent Pillows | Lumbar Pillows | Curtains |

Stay tuned to hear all about the project we DID decide to tackle!! I'm dying to show you, but I promise it will be worth the wait!!! 

Art Spotlight: Abstract Paper


We've probably all experienced art dilemmas; curating the perfect collection of art for our homes can be hard work and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has struggled to find the piece for the right place. Movement, texture, palette, story... these are just a few of things on the checklist I run through when deciding what makes the cut and it's easy to get stuck in a rut or bail on the endeavor all together. 

I recently discovered this top piece while working on a client  project. And while we didn't end up using it,  I really liked it so I started digging for other varieties and YOU GUYS! these are so good in so many places!!! Modern, bohemian, traditional with an edge--the texture of the paper and abstract forms are simply beautiful! 

Whether you need a large statement piece or the final piece in a gallery wall, check out this round up of abstract paper art and let me know what you think! 

| Target |

Before and After: A Living and Dining Room Makeover

When the client first contacted me about this project, I was pretty excited to tackle this multi-use space. The set up they currently had was functioning as a playroom, office, and catch-all area that was drastically underutilized but there was SO MUCH space, gorgeous vaulted ceilings, and they didn't want to keep any of the current furniture. Can I just tell you how much I love a blank a canvas!? The challenge was to reclaim a portion as an adult living area and a separate dining area, which meant two whole rooms worth of furniture and accessories on a modest budget. I also love a good challenge!

Here are the before pictures: 

After we met with the client and went over their answers to our Style Survey, we put together two looks for them to choose from. One is a little softer and more casual, the other uses darker tones and conveys a bit more formality. They said they really wanted a sectional sofa, but there just wasn't room in the floor plan and we opted for a sofa with an attached chaise. This a great option if you want that lounge-y feel but don't have the space for a full-sized sectional!

The client chose the softer, more casual design but said they would prefer something other than leather for the armchairs and a coffee table with some storage. The other piece they weren't crazy about were the side cabinets for the dining room, and said they wanted more detail on the doors.  So we sent over the following options for these three items.

They went with Option 2 for the armchair, Option 1 for the coffee table, and Option 2 for the dining room cabinet. (I was secretly hoping they would go with that cabinet because I love how the mint chairs and dark green work together!)

After all the new pieces arrived, we scheduled the install/styling session and in about four hours they had a grown up living area, dining room, and welcoming entryway furnished, accessorized, and under budget!

Living Room
Dining Room
Ikea Ektorp with Chaise
Entryway | Entry Table

Be The Change

Have you checked out our Community page? If not, that's okay, we'll fill you in here! We 100% believe in community--that we're all in this together. We believe in the circle of giving back and paying it forward. We believe that if we all do our part, we can make the world a better place.

Because we believe these things, 5 O'Clock Design Co. always donates 10% of our profits to charity, but given the social and political climate today, we feel compelled to do more.

The next three people to book any project (big or small!) will receive 20% off the design fee and then we will donate the entire amount billed to the following organizations that aid in refugee care and resettlement.

Hopeprint and Preemptive Love Coalition

*Even after these first three spots are filled, you can still make a difference!! We will be increasing the amount donated from 10% to 50% for all projects booked in the month of February. (Regardless of when the project is completed!)

And lastly, if you don't require design services right now, that's okay too--please consider donating directly to these wonderful organizations!

Thanks, friends! 

Check out our Design Services or Contact Us to schedule your project!

Decorating For Fall Without Breaking the Bank

I have a confession -- I've never been much of a seasonal decorator. Often because I didn't have the money to spare on things with such a short window of use, or because I hate to store things I'm not currently using, or even sometimes just because I'm lazy and didn't see the point. There were years that we travelled for Christmas and I didn't even set up the tree that is tucked away in the basement--now that is the epitome of too-lazy-to-be-bothered. For much of my life, the only thing I rotated seasonally was candle scents and the types of food I cooked. (Soup is a winter food, people!)

Since having a little one, my perspective has shifted a little bit though. Growing up, I remember my mom's house always feeling cozy and seasonally appropriate. We loved dragging out the rubbermaid totes of Christmas decorations every year or bringing in fresh flowers from the yard in the summers. I want my little guy to experience that sense of coziness and being home. I want to signal the ebb and flow of changing seasons inside our home as well as pointing to their presence outdoors. It feels connected and important somehow. 

Buuut.... I still don't want to spend tons on short-lived decor, I strongly dislike kitschy things, and I still hate to store lot's of extra stuff. 

I decided to do a kind of trial run with some fall decorations and I have to say I'm loving it!
Let me share the strategy I adopted.

fall decor | gallery wall | leather side table

Decorate For the Seasons, Not the Holidays

I'll start with the disclaimer that for me, this isn't 100% true of Christmas. And I'm okay with incorporating a few things that are specific to a particular holiday. Mostly though, I skip things that are distinctly Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc and go for tones, textures, colors, and patterns that fit the time of year. I had some blush colored linen pillow covers on the couch throw pillows over the summer but I've since replaced them some black and white buffalo check, dark green velvet, and a chunky knit oatmeal colored cover.

(Tip -- pillow covers are AWESOME!! Much easier to store and way cheaper than rotating actual pillows.) 


Choose Items That Bridge Multiple Seasons

Did you see that gorgeous wooden serving bowl? It was $20 at TJMaxx and while that may not sound like a lot, it was more than spent on any other single item. But, it is also the most versatile!! In the fall is can hold apples, gourds, pinecones etc... in the winter I could fill it with some greens and berries or sparkly trinkets, and in the summer lemons would be perfect!

I haven't decided if the boxwood wreaths will stay up year round, but at the very least they will transition beautifully into our Christmas decor. (Don't they look great on those roman shades!? If you missed the tutorial, you can read it here.) Same for the buffalo check pillow covers and kitchen towels. The green vases were on clearance at Target and I while the green and gold are perfect for autumn, they will be beautiful for Christmas or anytime.

Fall Decor | Blue Sofa | Boxwood Wreath

I picked up that cotton ball wreath at the end of the season last year (the best time to bargain hunt for next year!) and I love that it works seasonally from mid September right through until February/March. 

open shelving | fall decor

Glass, ceramics, wood, metals, and greenery (real OR fake ;) ) are some of the best neutral statement pieces you can invest in! Collect things you love that aren't too squarely seasonal and then curate little vignettes mixing and matching some inexpensive items like mini pumpkins to set a festive tone. 

Sometimes seasonal decorating is just about adding or removing layers. Through the summer I've enjoyed the ease of bare tile floors in the kitchen but as the air got a little chillier, I found I wanted to add some coziness. I picked up this blue rug, and while the color has nothing to do with any particular season, I really like it. Something as simple as a small rug went a long way to adding a layer of warmth and texture to the whole kitchen.

kitchen rug | white and grey cabinets
Fall Decorations | Leather and Brass Bench | Coffee Table Styling

So my final tally of fall decorating pieces is this:

  • Two Green Vases | $5 and $7 respectively
  • Wooden Tray | $20
  • Two Buffalo Print Pillow Covers | $18/ea
  • White Ceramic Acorn | $6
  • "Be Thankful" Sign | $5
  • Buffalo Check Dishtowel | $3
  • Two Boxwood Wreaths | $15/ea
  • Kitchen Rug | $15
  • Orange and Tan Plaid Throw Blanket | $15 (not shown)
  • Assorted Pumpkins and Gourds | $10

Total: $137

*If I'm being honest/generous in "what counts as fall decorating purchases" I would tell you that I recently bought those leather and brass stools ($25/ea on clearance) and the white ceramic faceted vase ($14) bringing my total to $201... but I'm choosing not to count those as "seasonal." ;)

While I'm confessing, I feel like I should also tell you that we are currently sporting some pretty sweet vinyl window clings these days... because you know, a toddler lives here too and as parents we have to sacrifice certain things. Like our front doors. 

Kids Fall Decor
Fall Decor | Holiday Styling

How about you? Do you change up your decor for the seasons? What is your favorite way to stretch those dollars? I love hearing about how you make your home your own--comment below and tell me about it!