5 O'Clock Design Co.

From Sarah:

Interior design has always been something that intrigues me. I love that spaces can draw us in, put us at ease, and bring our spirits alive. Picture the coziness of your favorite coffee shop, the romantic ambiance of your go-to date night eatery, or even the way a clean, modern bathroom makes mornings more reasonable.  (Notice I didn't say pleasant, the only thing that can make mornings pleasant is coffee!) None of this happens accidentally. Great design is more than lighting, furnishings, and floor plans--it is the sum of all these parts.

Five O'Clock Design Co. was born out of a passion for design and a love of adventure.

I live with my husband and our baby boy, in a quiet neighborhood, in Central NY. When we aren't working or tackling projects we love hiking, art museums, good food, and traveling. 

As a wife, momma, and lover of orderliness, I strive to blend functionality with fun. Your space should reflect your own unique style and create a place where days flow smoothly and evenings are cozy--a place that inspires creativity and long conversations. 
This is design for real life. 

Design Philosophy: 

Our design philosophy is actually pretty simple—people matter most. Period. This means the people who call your house home, as well as the ones you welcome in for dinner, holidays, and afternoon coffee. 

As such, we strive to create spaces that balance beauty and function seamlessly.

We listen when you tell us what you want the mood of your home to be and what activities it needs to cater to. Then we design spaces that celebrate your home’s unique purpose and your unique style. 

We think design should be approachable, accessible, and fun so we look for ways to help you create a home you love, on the budget you have, where real life can happen. 

Interested in working with us? We'd love to chat!



"This service is top notch! Professional and prompt, an email from Sarah was the highlight of my day! She was very conscientious of my budget and worked with me to create a magical space for my kids. I am beyond thrilled and will be enlisting her help again and again!"
- Amanda
"Sarah was amazing! She helped me create our new nursery and toddler rooms. She took all of my scattered ideas and helped me create rooms that surpassed all my expectations. I can't believe I can say this about re-doing rooms, but I had so much fun- thank you for making this a stress free process!"
- Carrie Anne
We loved working with Sarah on our living room and dining room makeover! Before we had too many ideas and didn't know how to make a cohesive look. Sarah helped us find our style, and pointed us in the right direction for finding great pieces. We loved working with her and are so happy with the end results!
- Julie
“This was a major project, one that my husband and I re-designed a hundred times. Sarah was able to transform a two bedroom partially deconstructed space to a master bedroom and bath that we don’t want to leave.”
- Mary Ellen