All The Vintage Ladies | A Round Up of Vintage Art

I'm loving the trend of incorporating vintage portraits of all kinds into home decor! Different styles of art fit with different interiors, making this a look nearly any home can pull off. I promise it's not weird to have pictures of people you don't know adorning your walls, but if you're not sure, go with something a bit  more abstract and styled. 

Formal, striking, and oversized, this large painting makes a serious statement in this bedroom. It's also interesting to note how many styles are blended together here. A bit rustic, a touch bohemian, the modern abstract art, and the formal portrait... even the orchid and metal dog sculpture speak to different design families. Yet it all comes together, in part, due to the subtly reinforcing color across different elements.

Think a bathroom isn't the place to highlight fun art? Think again! This portrait adds instant charm (even if the tone is quite serious) and personality to a simple bathroom.

A different era and art style entirely, I love the color and scale of this painting! The tall ceilings keep it from overwhelming the space and the colorful accents provide a sense of synergy between the art and the rest of the room.


Round Up of Vintage Art

Here are few of my current favorite picks from various sources. Styles and price points vary. Click each image to be taken directly to the source where it is available for purchase.