Little Lovelies

Thrifted Vintage, Bargain Treasures, and a New Design Book

Sometimes you have such a great week you simply have to share all the little things that made it lovely. (Clockwise, starting with the top left)

  1. I was hunting for vintage globes at an antique show this summer but they all seemed a bit pricey. This beauty was a mere $6 at a thrift store and I love the colors in it!
  2. My long-awaited copy of Emily Henderson's new book, Styled arrived and I devoured it in less than 24 hours front to back. I highly recommend it! The style quiz was a blast and the results were spot on! Stay tuned for an in-depth review in the near future!
  3. Isn't this wreath amazing?! I think it is the texture that really does it for me. I also enjoy that it can work with both fall and winter decor. YAY for double duty! The best part, when I found it at Christmas Tree Shops, I fell so in love I took a deep breath and knew that even for $30, a little more than I typically spend on an impulse decor purchase, I had to get it. Then, when I got to the register, it rang up at 1/2 off!!! 
  4. This vintage Steelcase office chair was another big win. The castors are in beautiful condition, a little gold spray paint, some new upholstery, refinishing of the wooden arms, and this chair will shine! Did I mention it's also incredibly comfortable?
  5. I was surprised to find this hanging basket lamp at Goodwill. It was on a top shelf and either no one else realized how easy it would be to update that ancient electrical wiring (I just switched it out with this $5 piece from Ikea) or the thrift store gods were guarding it for me. Since I moved the table lamp that was originally there, I think this will go perfectly in Grey's nursery!
  6. This marble base and glass dome were another thrifted treasure. I'm excited to pick out a few little baby succulents to display in it!