Behind the Scenes Style: Colette Wright

I am so excited to introduce you to this lovely lady! Interior design blogger by day, labor and delivery nurse by night, not to mention being a wife and momma--Colette Wright over at Restyle It Wright may be fresh to the blogging scene, but she's taking it by storm! 

I absolutely adore her style, practical tips, and of course, our shared love of gold spray paint! As my wee one grows, she also should not be surprised if I flood her inbox with desperate pleas to spill her secrets for how she manages to do everything she does. (Don't say I didn't warn you!)

Keep reading for a behind-the-scenes answers about why Colette started blogging, her go-to sources, as well as a peek at her gorgeous, down-to-earth home!


Being a labor and delivery nurse and blogging about interior design seem like very different passions--what made you decide to start blogging?

Ha! Great questions. These two worlds couldn’t be any more different right? I’ve known since high school that I wanted to be a nurse and that was the career path I chose and pursued for 10 years. In nursing school I realized my passion for Labor and Delivery and fought hard to land my dream job and now here I am, welcoming babies to the world weekly!

When my husband and I bought our first house together in 2007 we were young and broke. We needed to make our family our 4 function in a 1300 sq ft space in a ‘work with what ya have’ way. This is when my creative juices started flowing and turned into my passion for home décor and DIY. Friends and family were excited with how our projects turned out and started asking me for help with their own spaces. This is when I realized I had something to offer the ‘ol interwebs and decided to create a space to share our tips, tricks, and inspiration.

Ikea Coffee Table // Restyle It Wright // Blogger Interview

What is your favorite room in your new home?

My favorite room currently is our living room because it’s the most complete. I love everything about it from the handmade console table behind the couch, the Ikea hacked coffee table, and our oversized perfect-for-cuddling couch. Once the front (formal) living room is complete I suspect it will be new favorite room. I love the natural light pouring in from that room along with the vaulted ceilings.

What space in your last home were you the most sad to leave behind?

Oh don’t make me cry Sarah! I miss everything about that home and the memories created there. I’m a sentimental sap. The space I most miss has to be our living room. It’s where we spent the most time as a family. The view from the picture window was home to my favorite tree, a flowering crabapple that looked gorgeous in the Spring.

Crab Apple Tree // Restyle It Wright // Interior Design Blog Interview

You mentioned loving gold, do you have a favorite gold spray paint project?

Boy do I! I keep a stash of about 5 cans of gold spray on hand at all times, you know, just in case the mood strikes me.  I didn’t do a post about it (pre-blogging), but you can see the Ikea Vittsjo shelves in my daughter’s current room were spray painted gold. I also love to spray paint furniture knobs and picture frames for an instant glam effect. My next spray paint project will be some furniture feet for our bedside nightstand. That will be a post for sure!

Who are three of your favorite design bloggers?

So many great ones to choose from! My all-time favorite blogger is Jennifer Jones from I Heart Organizing. I love her style and organization tips. She also has amazing photography skills!

John and Sherry Petersik from Young House Love are another favorite of mine. I love their sense of humor and no-nonsense approach to decorating. They mix thrift finds, DIY, and splurge pieces to really make a room look polished.

Another great décor blogger I love is Cassie from Hi Sugarplum! Her bedroom is swoooon worthy. She makes bold color decisions that would intimidate the heck out of me but she makes them work beautifully. I admire her decorating courage and eclectic style.

Where are three of your favorite places to shop for home goods?

It’s no secret I love Ikea. The price and versatility of their pieces can’t be beat. It’s rare I buy something from there and leave it alone…I just can’t help myself!

Home Goods and TJ Maxx are great places to look for décor accessories for bookshelf styling and the like. They also have great prices on baskets and bins.

West Elm and Anthropologie tie in my book.  I love the modern style of West Elm and the bohemian style of Anthropologie. Those are two places I will save my pennies and splurge! My anthro curtains in my bedroom are heavenly and I love my West Elm duvet. I stalk those places like crazy for sales and then swoop in!

Master Bedroom // Anthropologie Curtains // Blue and Gold // Restyle It Wright

What current design trend are you loving?

I’m currently loving a mix of metals and wood with pops of color and white.  I love the glam of the metal and the rustic nature of the wood. The pops of color bring it all together for a chic style I absolutely adore.

How would you describe your design style?

This is a tough one! I’ve often asked myself this very question. It’s sometimes easier for me to identify with what I’m not. I know my style isn’t country or farmhouse and isn’t all together modern or bohemian.  I would describe my style as glam and chic. Bright pops of color, light walls, black and white accents, a mix of metals, and a touch of rustic are all my jam.

When you aren't working or blogging, what are your favorite activities?

Between the two there is hardly free time it seems! I love going to support my kids in their sporting events and musical competitions.

I also love thrifting and working on projects around the house. Finding that diamond in the rough and fixing it up to give it new life is so rewarding.

Finally, spending quality time with good food, family, and friends is what life is really about and I enjoy every second of doing that.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

My biggest inspiration are all the beautiful blogs I read daily like yours Sarah! I love seeing photographs of how others decorate their spaces. It inspires to look at my own space in a new way!

I also find inspiration in home décor books and magazines like Domino and HGTV.

You can see more of Colette's home projects, chic design sense, and warm personality by following her on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter