Back to School Shopping: Shop For a Cause

It's time for back to school shopping and even if you aren't actually headed back to classes this fall, it is the perfect time to pick up one of these amazing pieces. The thing I love about buying from these organizations is that, in addition to treating yourself (or someone else!) to a little present, you are supporting an amazing cause. Here, your purchase makes a difference--YOU make a difference!

Whatever this fall has in store for you: classes, work, travel, or loving on little ones, do it in style and make a difference in the lives of others at the same time. 



At FASHIONABLE, we believe our role is to INVEST IN A WOMAN. When a woman is empowered with work to do, whether in the home or in an office, she not only experiences the joy and satisfaction of developing a skill, she also creates change in those around her. FASHIONABLE’s role in this story is working with women, both locally and globally, who have overcome challenges ranging from prostitution to addiction to a lack of opportunity. Every one of us understands what it means to overcome, and we are all ABLE to find purpose in the work we do.

Better Life Bags

Our mission is to hire women who have various barriers to employment to make our custom leather and fabric bags. They are adopted into our Better Life family and given a chance to succeed in life, family, and friendship... We really believe we have created a unique business that brings together YOUR design efforts with tangible needs in our community of Detroit, Michigan. Every bag we sell means more women that we can hire!

Ophelia's Place

Our mission is to redefine beauty and health by empowering individuals, families, and communities impacted by eating disorders, disordered eating, and body dissatisfaction. Our Vision is to change culture and to empower individuals, families, and communities to embrace health, beauty, and happiness. The message of body celebration applies to every body, which means every person, of every shape and size.