Patio Roundup: Pillows and Chairs

So here on the east coast we got hit with a pretty crazy snow storm last week. The word blizzard was even used. I know that I should know better, having lived here my entire life, but I had let myself be tricked into thinking spring was here because we had a few glorious days where the temperatures reached the 60s and the sun was magical.  In that brief window I may have ordered some patio furniture. (Target, WHY must have you have such great sales when we all know winter isn't over here!?) 

The table I ordered actually got delivered today and unfortunately, I still have quite a bit of snow on the back deck. If you live where you are already enjoying warmer weather, you can go ahead and laugh when I tell you I considered shoveling it off so I could unpack this thing. If you still have snow too, I'll trust you totally understand. 

Anyway,  while browsing I came across a lot of good stuff that's out this season and decided to pull together a round up of my favorites. This week I've gathered some of my favorite outdoor pillows and chairs.

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Pillow Talk: Simply Summer

Whether on a porch swing, a back patio, or in your blissful air-conditioning, summer is perfect for grabbing a novel, a tall glass of iced tea, and kicking back for awhile. These throw pillows are some of my favorites for the season! You don't have to give up coziness or texture just because it's summer either! Just be sure to balance heavier knits with bright colors and lighter fabrics.

Pillows are easy to rotate with the seasons. Choose a few neutral ones as your base and then add bolder prints or seasonal styles to liven a space.

As a general rule, pair: 
{1 organic print - floral, leaves/vines, etc} {1 geometric print} {1+ solid or very small scale print}

There are other combinations that will work lovely, but this is a great place to start.


Pillows shown above are listed left to right/ top to bottom: 


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