Patio Roundup: Pillows and Chairs

So here on the east coast we got hit with a pretty crazy snow storm last week. The word blizzard was even used. I know that I should know better, having lived here my entire life, but I had let myself be tricked into thinking spring was here because we had a few glorious days where the temperatures reached the 60s and the sun was magical.  In that brief window I may have ordered some patio furniture. (Target, WHY must have you have such great sales when we all know winter isn't over here!?) 

The table I ordered actually got delivered today and unfortunately, I still have quite a bit of snow on the back deck. If you live where you are already enjoying warmer weather, you can go ahead and laugh when I tell you I considered shoveling it off so I could unpack this thing. If you still have snow too, I'll trust you totally understand. 

Anyway,  while browsing I came across a lot of good stuff that's out this season and decided to pull together a round up of my favorites. This week I've gathered some of my favorite outdoor pillows and chairs.

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Create Spaces That Encourage What You Love!

Interior design isn't always about big projects or total overhauls--sometimes it means creating small spaces within your home that encourage you to do what you love!

I love reading; there is nothing quite like curling up with a good book and a fresh cup of coffee. Here are a few important things that I think really help make the experience top notch! 

First, the perfect chair! These vintage beauties are just the right size and they are ridiculously comfortable! I think a throw pillow and cozy blanket really round out the comfy factor. In the summer, I enjoy that I can have the windows open behind me--nothing like some natural light and fresh air. Finally, a small side table is the perfect place to set your book and favorite sipping beverage. Now, all that's left is to carve out some time to settle in and get lost in your favorite book!

Here's a quick look at my recent reading list!

1. Empty Mansions -- While mindlessly perusing Amazon kindle books one evening, looking for something to read, I stumbled across this book. The synopsis captured my attention and I immediately downloaded it into my kindle library. It is a fascinating history of one family's wealth, power, and scandal. It was not quite as mysterious as I was hoping for, but still interesting nonetheless. 

2. Black Water Rising -- I picked this up after hearing an interview with the author, Attica Locke, on NPR. I was impressed by the history of the small Texas town that inspired pieces of this book. The actual story did not disappoint. It reads a little slow--surprisingly this did not detract, but actually added to the drama and tone. I cannot wait to read the sequel, Pleasantville! 

3. Blink -- After seeing a movie at the mall with my husband, we passed through the food court and I saw what appeared to be a Redbox, but for BOOKS! I was ridiculously excited to find that it was indeed a vending box/mini library where all I had to do was scan my library card and voila! I could borrow a book right there. This book is an interesting look at how both our subconscious and conscious work to take in and make decisions about the world around us, when we should trust instinct, and what warrants a second pass. 

4. Valley Of The Dolls -- This was a bookclub pick and I am on the fence about it. It was an entertaining read but I felt like the characters fell a little flat. Not bad for a summer afternoon at the beach, but not my all-time favorite.

5. Scary Close -- A long-distance friend suggested we both read this and then chat about our thoughts and impressions. She loved it but I was not convinced. As we talked about the reasons for our opinions, I realized we were coming at the book from totally different places. This is a book about self-discovery and authenticity--where my friend applauded the author's bravery, I was skeptical. I think I may need to re-read this with a bit more grace and little less cynicism.

6. Do Over -- Full confession: I started listening to this as an audio book and have not finished yet. The first few chapters were great but I think I need to pick up a physical copy so I can digest it a little more slowly. 

That's it for my reading lately... How about you? I'd love to hear about your recent reads! Comment below and tell me what have you loved and why you would recommend it! I'd also be excited to know how you intentionally create spaces in your home to do what you love!