Styling Secrets and Quick Tips: Wall Decals for Nurseries, Kid's Rooms, & Playrooms

Wall decals are tricky, tricky things and it is so easy for these to go real bad, real fast. BUT, they can also be really fun, budget-friendly ways to add personality and character to a room. Here's a quick roundup of six of our favorite wall decals and adhesive murals from Etsy.

Black Triangle Wall Decals

These would look awesome in a modern, minimalist, Scandinavian inspired room.  Great for a nursery or kid's room and they come in a variety of colors. The surest bet would be to use them on a single accent wall from floor to ceiling. 

Ballroom Wall Mural Decal

Classy and fun, this soft black and white mural is the perfect backdrop to hours of pretend play. This would be best suited for a full wall mural, but could also be used at a smaller scale to highlight a particular play area. 

A Rooftop View Wall Mural Decal

The black lines on a white background create the feeling of a life-size coloring book. For a crisp look, use on a single wall and paint surrounding walls so the details don't become overwhelming. Best for a playroom or older child's room (age 8+).

Colorful CityScape 

If your preschooler loves building blocks, trains, and cars this decal of a bright city skyline might be just right in their playroom or bedroom. Pair with this road motif rug and light colored walls ( try white or very light blue). This color combination would look great with light natural wood tones or a bright colored furniture.  

World Map Wall Mural

This world map mural would be more appropriate in a playroom than a bedroom, but with subdued colors it could even work in shared space such a finished basement or tv room.  Go all in on the map theme and accent with a collection of vintage globes displayed together on a bookshelf or mantle. 

Airplane Wall Decals

These airplane decals are incredibly age-versatile and work nicely with neutral or americana color palates. Keep the planes generally clustered together rather than placing one on each wall of the room and mix in some non-airplane related decor to keep things fresh.