A Life Update and a Living Room Makeover Reveal

Hello friends! You may have noticed it's been a quiet here on the blog--we had a rough start to the year with a miscarriage back in February, after which I threw myself into the bathroom project for the Spring ORC like a girl on a mission to help cope with the sadness. I am so grateful that we soon found out we were expecting again but then I was so sick in the first trimester that I could barely leave the couch, let alone finish the bathroom remodel. I'm absolutely not complaining! I honestly just decided to embrace the season in life and lean into my role as momma to my sweet almost-three-year-old and this babe growing inside me. 

I'm still taking very limited client work and it will remain a little quieter here on the blog and social media, but I'm back and excited to share some project updates, inspiration, before and afters, and of course nursery plans!

Maybe someday I'll write more about the journey or the last 9 months, or maybe this isn't place. Either way, as my friend Lori would say, I'm "growing as a person" and learning to live wholly in both the joys and the hurts--embracing the wisdom and grace my body holds and becoming more every day.

Last summer, my friend Shauna reached out about helping her give her living room a little pick me up. I introduced the project here and shared the inspiration and direction for the room. With such a cheerful, California Boho vibe it was a lot of fun to work on. It often doesn't require big expensive changes to freshen a space and this room is a great example of that. Rearranging some existing art and decor, a little paint, adding a few new and new-vintage pieces, along with some fresh greenery and I'm loving the result!  I'm super excited that she sent some after pictures so I can show you all how it turned out! 

Vintage Art Gallery Wall
Bohemian Living Room
California Bohemian Living Room