Master Bathroom Build: Part 1

I am nearly bursting at the seams, that's how excited I am to be sharing this project with you! When some dear friends told me that they were going to add a bathroom to their loft bedroom, turning it into a bonafide master suite, I couldn't wait to get started on helping them design a beautiful, functional en suite.

Some of the requirements and priorities of the project included:

  • Separate toilet room
  • Large (ideally walk-in) shower
  • Vanity/makeup counter
  • Maximize natural light from window
  • Bench in shower (this got moved lower in the priority list as the project got underway, with the client opting for more square footage in the shower and a corner ledge instead) 
  • An open feel into the bedroom
  • There was also some plumbing that could not be moved and dictated a fixed point for the toilet

We started with a mood board for the space and a few iterations of floor plan layouts. Interestingly enough, the layout that the clients ultimately selected was not the one they were initially drawn to. I am so grateful they were open to suggestions outside of their comfort zone because the final configuration answers many of their must-haves in an elegant and efficient way.

Here is a BEFORE picture that the client sent at the start of the project. The blue tape line indicates where the wall between the bedroom and bathroom will be. In the final design we ended up stealing about 10 additional inches from the bedroom side. It was hardly noticeable in the bedroom but made a huge difference in the bath.

Master Bath Build Before Picture

The floor plan received a few more tweaks after this, but here is the working concept.

Master Bathroom Floor Plan

3D perspective images helped the clients visualize what the space would look like built out, as well as get a feeling for what the organization and flow would be.

Master Bath Sketchup Model
Master Bathroom Sketchup Model

And finally, pencils down and hammers up! Here are a few pictures of the work in progress.

Master Bathroom // In Progress
Master Bathroom // White Subway Tile
Master Bathroom // Walk-In Shower // White Subway TIle
Master Bathroom // Walk-In Shower // White Subway TIle
Master Bathroom // Walk-In Shower // White Subway TIle

Want to see how it all came together? Check out the after pictures here!