Mood Board Monday: Master Bedroom Design

There is a blogger/diy/decor challenge coming up soon and I am going to be participating. I can't wait to share that project with you, but for now I wanted to share a project that didn't make the cut. Before you ask, "why are you showing us a design you decided not to do?" let me fill you in! 

Mostly it comes down to budget. And the fact that our master bedroom doesn't really need fancy makeover right now. But I love the design so much I thought it would be fun to show it to you and give you all the sources in case you want to implement some of it yourself!  

Master Bedroom | Coastal | Mid Century | Floral Wallpaper

Floral Wallpaper | Wall Color | Upholstered Bed | Sconces | Nightstands | Area Rug | Artwork (L) | Artwork (R) | Striped Accent Pillows | Botanical Accent Pillows | Curtains | Chair | Throw Blanket

While working out the design for this room, I contemplated going for a more Traditional Modern vibe. Honestly, I'm still a little torn about which look I love more. Both have some really fun personality. In the end I chose the top design because if felt more soothing--and that is exactly the word I want to describe my master bedroom! 

What are your thoughts--first look or second?

Master Bedroom | Traditional Modern | Glam Master Bedroom | Floral Wallpaper

Floral Wallpaper | Wall Color | Upholstered Bed | Sconces | Nightstands | Area Rug | Artwork (L) | Artwork (R) | Geometric Accent Pillows | Lumbar Pillows | Curtains |

Stay tuned to hear all about the project we DID decide to tackle!! I'm dying to show you, but I promise it will be worth the wait!!! 

Before and After: A Living and Dining Room Makeover

When the client first contacted me about this project, I was pretty excited to tackle this multi-use space. The set up they currently had was functioning as a playroom, office, and catch-all area that was drastically underutilized but there was SO MUCH space, gorgeous vaulted ceilings, and they didn't want to keep any of the current furniture. Can I just tell you how much I love a blank a canvas!? The challenge was to reclaim a portion as an adult living area and a separate dining area, which meant two whole rooms worth of furniture and accessories on a modest budget. I also love a good challenge!

Here are the before pictures: 

After we met with the client and went over their answers to our Style Survey, we put together two looks for them to choose from. One is a little softer and more casual, the other uses darker tones and conveys a bit more formality. They said they really wanted a sectional sofa, but there just wasn't room in the floor plan and we opted for a sofa with an attached chaise. This a great option if you want that lounge-y feel but don't have the space for a full-sized sectional!

The client chose the softer, more casual design but said they would prefer something other than leather for the armchairs and a coffee table with some storage. The other piece they weren't crazy about were the side cabinets for the dining room, and said they wanted more detail on the doors.  So we sent over the following options for these three items.

They went with Option 2 for the armchair, Option 1 for the coffee table, and Option 2 for the dining room cabinet. (I was secretly hoping they would go with that cabinet because I love how the mint chairs and dark green work together!)

After all the new pieces arrived, we scheduled the install/styling session and in about four hours they had a grown up living area, dining room, and welcoming entryway furnished, accessorized, and under budget!

Living Room
Dining Room
Ikea Ektorp with Chaise
Entryway | Entry Table

Bohemian Living Room Refresh

When Shauna sent me a note saying she needed help refreshing her living room, and that she loved the vintage bohemian vibe, I was super pumped for this project! She already had several pieces, both furniture and art, that she wanted to continue using, but was looking to freshen up the space and incorporate some pink. 

Inspirational Images

Before Pictures and the "Keep List"

From these "before" pictures, she wanted or needed to keep the following: 

  • Sofa
  • Coffee Table
  • Beige Chair and Ottoman
  • Art over Sofa
  • Black and White Syracuse Street Name Art
  • Blue and White Cabinet (open to painting)
  • Starburst Mirror
  • Vintage Rug (not shown in pictures)

The client also had a pink heart print she wanted to use and requested a silhouette of her puppy, Abe, be incorporated.  

Achieving Bohemian Style 

When trying to achieve an eclectic, bohemian feel the key is to layer things in a way that feels collected and accumulated but not cluttered. To accomplish this, quality and authenticity are incredibly important! While rattan and kilim patterns are en vogue right now, choosing vintage items rather than reproductions helps to establish a rich, storied environment. A few original paintings balance the pop art and adding plants is a must for any bohemian inspired room. 

When searching for vintage furniture, art, and accessories, Craigslist, Etsy, Chairish, and 1st Dibs are all great places to start.

The mood board we sent the client shows new and "new vintage" items mixed with the furniture and art from their "keep list". Rearranging, painting furniture, and some new textiles can go a long way in updating a room!

I can't wait to share pictures of the finished room once it all comes together, but for now, here are some links to shop this look for your own home!

Shop the Look

A Mid Century Coastal Inspired Living Room

My husband, Matt, and I just returned from a trip to California to celebrate our 5 year anniversary and I decided to put together a living room design board inspired by our trip. I've loved this kind of chic, relaxed-but-sophisticated west coast vibe for awhile now and this room is a nod to that. 

*sources for all items shown at bottom of post

Breaking it Down:

  • This custom, mid century inspired sofa is a truly versatile piece that could be used with many different looks and styles. When investing in a larger piece of furniture, it's important to consider whether it will still work if you decide to change up the the colors and accessories down the road. 
  • I really love how the woven blue plaid rug has a strong geometric pattern to match the clean lines of the rest of the design and how and the texture and color variations provide warmth and depth. The more casual feel of the this rug, along with the leather poufs used as additional seating, create a cozy, easy-to-live-in atmosphere. 
  • The interwoven walnut legs of the coffee table carry mid century sensibilities and the round glass top keeps the piece light and modern. The round top also echoes the form of the rattan chair and wall mirror creating balance and juxtaposition with the linear elements.
  • It's no secret that rattan is seeing a comeback and this swivel lounge chair is a handsome and unique take on the style. With a shape reminiscent of 70's furniture, the organic flow of the rattan, a polished chrome base, and a perfectly sophisticated black seat cushion, this piece is on trend without being predictable. 
  • Accessories really can make or break a room! It's important that they feel at home in a space without getting all matchy-matchy. Artwork and decor should feel collected even if you ordered it all online the same day.  I've carefully selected a few pieces that gently reinforce an overarching color palette, bring warmth and "story" to the room, and highlight a range of mediums and tones. 
  • This light fixture is a new favorite and I can't say enough good things about the scale and proportion. It is available in various stem lengths so be sure to consider your ceiling height when selecting the overall height. 

Please pin from these original image sources: 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 

Where to Use This Style: 

I also wanted to show the versatility of the collection so I rounded up images a few different types of interiors (picture the room itself, not the current furnishings) that each serve as a gorgeous backdrop for this look. Placed in a modern, rustic, traditional or eclectic setting, these pieces meld into the perfect blend of classic and interesting; I think they would look stunning in any of these four spaces. 

Pillow Fort: a New Option for Styling an Affordable Kid's Bedroom

Today Target released a new line of home goods geared towards children. First, let's all acknowledge how adorable the name is--Pillow Fort--I mean, could it get any cuter? And a cute name isn't all it has going for it; this stuff is the bees knees! With both modern and traditionally inclined pieces, you could pull off a Pottery Barn Kids/Land of Nod look (for a fraction of the price) or go for a more Ikea meets Urban Outfitters vibe. Different collections feel better suited for different ages, ranging from nursery design to pieces even young teens would love. 

I rounded up a few of my favorites into two mini design boards. All items pictured are from Target, and most are from the Pillow Fort line itself. 

Boy's Room: Outdoor Adventure


Giraffe Head / Zebra HeadBear Head / Woodgrain Canvas Bin / Lamp / Tepee / Fox Pillow / "Hello" Sign / Black and White Bedding / Night Stand / Striped Rug / Wild and Free Sign / Green Paint - Benjamin Moore Absolute Green / Blue Paint - Benjamin Moore Morning Sky / Mural Inspiration

Girl's Room: Sunshine Chic


Black Vinyl Adhesive Stripes / White Dresser / Yellow Chevron Curtains / Unicorn Head / Mint Junior Cafe Chairs / Flower Pillow / Flamingo Sheets / Hello Sunshine Pillow / Night Stand / Lemon Comforter Set / Pink Spindle Floor Lamp / Mint House Cubby / White Basket / Fabulous Wall Art / Pink Paint - Benjamin Moore Melted Ice Cream / Yellow Paint - Benjamin Moore Sundance

**At this time, many of the items are only available online, but there is currently a 10% discount on most of the Pillow Fort line (as well lot's of other Home Goods!!) with coupon code: HOMESAVE10. If you spend $125 or more you save 15% but this cannot be combined with the above promo code. 


If you need help planning, designing, and sourcing items for your nursery or kid's room, we'd love to chat! We offer a variety of In-Person services, and our E-Design options are a convenient way to access custom design solutions no matter where you are located.