Color Crush: Navy, Cobalt, and other Blues

It is no secret that I have a thing for the color blue. It seems to be taking over my closet and my Pinterest feed is saturated in it. Certain hues of blue seem to carry a truly timeless quality that can bridge many styles and work in lot's of different contexts and environments. But what makes a particular shade a classic? The key is to go for deep, rich hues or light, airy ones. Avoid those muddy middle tones that look like they belong in a living room from the early 90's. Here's a quick roundup of blue playing its A-game!

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So not only is the front door a knock-out, look at that soft coastal blue of the siding peeking out on the left hand side of the picture! This what front door dreams are made of.

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The blue velvet cushions are a touch of elegance in a simple room and the way light plays off velvet... alllll the heart eyes!

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Blue, blush pink, red, black and white--this all comes together beautifully because the rug is the only strong pattern and it pulls colors from different elements. 

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A navy so deep it's almost black contrasted with crisp white subway tile and upper cabinets is a win any day!

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I could do my laundry all day in this laundry room! Heck, I could do OTHER people's laundry all day if I got to do it here. Seriously though--light, fresh, clean--perfect

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Did your mom ever tell you not to wear blue and black together? I'm sure she meant well, but it's time to break that rule! This glossy black dresser against this multi-blue wallpaper is both classic and fresh. 

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Mix some blue patterns with blue solids, add a bit of rustic wood and shiplap and you have a guest room your friends will fighting each other to visit. 

Color Crush: Jewel Tones

The last days of summer are slipping through our fingers and autumn is nearly here; what better way to bridge the gap between these two seasons than deep, rich, vibrant jewel tones?! I've rounded up some of my favorite uses of these gorgeous hues to inspire your end-of-summer creativity.

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2. The deep, dark blue of these walls is warm, sultry, and mature. The bright pinks, blues, and reds of the rug provide a cheery, while sophisticated, vibe and the magenta throw pillow pulls it all together.

1. There's just something about a green velvet sofa that gets me ever time. Here it plays well with the myriad of other bright colors and is balanced perfectly by the green art and white walls. 


4. If you're still feeling a little shy about this color palate, try getting your feet wet by starting with a single piece of furniture. Pick your paint, add a little brass hardware, and voila! You're part of the awesome club! 

3. I know this post is about jewel tones, but let's talk for a minute about how nicely they pair with rich, warm, wood tones. These emerald lamps with this credenza are classy, elegant, and fun all at the same time. 

6. Jewel tones aren't just for your walls and furnishings, folks! This stunning table would be perfect for a summer/fall wedding or even a glamorous backyard picnic. I really appreciate that even the dishes play an active role in the color harmony happening here. 

5. I love how this furniture looks paired with the pastel blue wall. It is the perfect blend of warmth and lightness. Details such as the artwork, stained glass, and plants, reinforce the color palate and motif beautifully. 


So there you have it--wouldn't you agree that these colors kind of rock? I'm definitely feeling inspired to look for ways to incorporate more of these hues into my home! Comment below and share where your favorite places to use jewel tones are!


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