Geometric Lamp Makeover

See how these lamps went from outdated orange to gorgeous gold, PLUS, how to use your Ikea Expedit shelving as a home office!

We all have those things in our home that we've fallen out of love with. Our style changes, the season changes, or something just isn't functioning well in a space. It can be expensive (and wasteful) to constantly be buying new things, but it's also no fun to feel stuck with things you don't love. This is when I love trying to re-purpose or refresh something I already own. Often this means altering the look with paint, fabric, etc but other times it just means changing where or how I'm using a particular piece. 

These lamps honestly weren't terrible to begin with. I bought them this color on purpose and used them happily for a few years before I grew tired of the bright orange. While I was ready to be done with the color, I still loved the shape and character. So I turned to my beloved gold spray paint to give them a new look.

Here is what they looked like after the second coat of paint. I did not use a primer, just cleaned the lamps well. The paint adhered well and covered nicely. I thought I wanted to seal the lamp and give it a high-gloss look, so I proceeded to apply a few coats of clear spray acrylic. 

This is what it looked like with the clear gloss. ICK! Again, it's really not awful, it just isn't what I was going for. It feels kind of flat and dull.

*A note about the clear gloss--if you decide to use it, don't freak out if it looks cloudy-white going on! I panicked, but as it dried it cleared right up.

So... back for another round of straight gold spray paint and it's perfect again. I love the gold foil look and the subtle character of the finish. 

With the lamps looking so classy, the shades needed a little re-vamp too!

The linen shade was really beautiful and classic, but it looked out of place with the new gold color. It seemed a little casual and there was absolutely no contrast. I taped off the edges so I wouldn't get paint on the white interior and then went crazy with this "Diva Pink" color.

This is the first time I've tried painting a lampshade and I was so nervous I was going to ruin it. I kept meaning to buy an additive that is supposed to turn any paint into fabric paint but never got around to it. Eventually, I decided to just try it! This is just straight acrylic craft paint and it worked beautifully. I applied the paint with a brush and only did one coat so as not too obscure too much light.

And finally, how the lamps worked with my humble home office!

I know, I know, "home office" might seem like a stretch, but since I do a lot of work right at our dining room table, I needed a place to store the things I use most often. We were using sections of this Ikea Expedit shelf as a bar, but once I finished this bar cart project it became kind of a catch-all for books, a few picture frames, and toys. I decided to re-claim it and make it a more functional work space! 

What do you think--hit or miss with the new look for these lamps? Comment below and tell us what you think of their transformation!